Today it is often seemed that very young men seeking old women for dating or for cougar relationship. The question that rises why young men wants relationship with old women especially with woman whom age is mid between 40 to 50 years. It is bit difficult to tell why? For those people who are not of this type but not for very one. Here I am going to tell you people some reasons which forces the younger guys to make such relationship.

  • Financial support

As it is said that money is not everything but still it has great importance in our lives. The biggest advantage of cougar relationship is that the older women are probably well established. They can spend a lot of money on this relationship. So a guy whose financial position is not so strong when makes such type of relationship, it helps him to fulfill his wishes.
As we know that finance plays an important role in every sort of relationship. It’s really hard to enjoy any relationship with out finance. So such relationship never demands s money from young guys. Older women do everything without saying. So this is one of the most important reason that why young guys felt the need of cougar dating.

  • Faithful nature

Another reason of cougar relationship is that the older women are faithful in nature as compare to young women. It is not easy to stick with one person for young women because these young women are on their prime time. On the other hand old women have spent the maximum time period of their lives. They knows what they are going to do and why? Faithful nature of old women also attracts younger guys to go towards them. They really believe that these cougars well never cheat them.

  • Easy to hold the relationship

This is also one of the most important reasons of cougar relationship. Probably it is seemed that young women always wants yes in every of their response. They want guys spend whole of their lives according to her wishes. So when young guy do this there is not any time remain for their lives.
On the other hand old women easily not only hold the relationship but also took it forward very well. These old women are also frank and free in natures. Which helps young guys to say what they want? So this open nature of old women makes this relationship more sweet and sustainable.

  • Best guiders

As these women have spent most of the time of their lives which can be seemed in the shape of their experience. So when ever young felt the need of advice. These old women can easily put them on right track. So I think this is also one of the great reasons of cougar relationship that why every young guy want cougar at one stage of his life. Infect I must say today it has become one of the important need of every young man. And these are online dating sits which makes it possible to get the right cougar for you.

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