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Almost every person has heard of the term “cougar”. It is a concept used a lot these days. Whether it is in magazines, T.V or even on the web, the aspect has become part of everyday conversation. However, the common idea that vests with most people is that they think of a hot older woman looking for younger men to devour prior to moving onto the next conquest. In reality a significant number of the cougar woman are not just attracted to the younger men for a hot passionate night of sex. Many are trying to locate men that are looking to be part of real relationships.

If you’re a young man looking for such a benefit, then be careful. Older women have the least patience for juvenile behavior sometimes associated with the young. If you want to establish a successful older women younger men relation, it is vital to understand the basics of such a companionship. There are certain factors that the young man should adhere to prior to looking to indulge into such cougar dating

Being confident
In most times, the cougar lady will not be immediately attracted to a man that comes off as shy. You should be direct and assertive when in a conversation with an older woman. Ensure that she gets to know what you want and that you’re capable of attaining your dreams and aspirations. Never confuse confidence with cockiness, remember that it can turn the tables on to you and you may upset her.

Don’t label her
Do not refer to her as a cougar as it may not appeal to her. However popular the term might be, sometimes it is best to keep these factors under wraps. Give her the respect and charm her the way she wants. There are plenty of rich sugar mommies that find the term offensive.

Get a different sexual experience
The facts about woman and her sexual desires are of great interest to men, young or old. The woman usually peak sexually later in life, while men do so earlier. The aspect is great for both the older woman and young man that can synchronize their urge perfectly. The sugar mummy is likely to be more experienced in bed and therefore tend to be more assertive. The experience may be of different kind to you if you’re used to dealing with women having less expertise in the area. Do not fret as you may not be the captain of the ship. However, this kind of experience could be a great opportunity to learn something new.

Being on the same page
Make sure that you’re adept with things that she takes interest in. You might just offend her if you happen to mention those aspects that she isn’t aware of. Most of her friends will be of her age and you may remind them of their age in case they are not in label with the latest that attracts you. Being comfortable is the most vital aspect for such cougar cub relationship and you will benefit immensely if you get that right.

Be yourself

Do not try to be pulling out of your comfort zone in the beginning in an attempt to impress her. If you do that you’ll make up a persona that you think will be more appealing to her. Let things progress naturally and being yourself is the best way to make that happen. When dealing with the cougar lady, most young men would try to make an extra effort to be serious and eve talk about the stock market. They can obviously find a man of their age to speak on those lines. Be your own spontaneous, normal and humorous self. She’d like that best.

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