Over the years, the last barrier of male/female relationship is finally getting resolved and we are excited to seeing it attain the level of toward permanence. Older women now want a boy toy or simply no strings attached relationship. These are the women that are fed up with the thought of seeking something for the long term and enjoy the companionship of such men with benefits where there’s no drama. The fact that can be noticed in cougar dating site online is that the thrill seeking older tend to attain positive experience in relation with the young and do not want to get back to dating men of their age. An aspect evident in society is that older men look for a long lasting, meaningful and we dare say permanent relationships.cougar lady

In fact, the cougar dating site statistics show that about 90% of women are looking for an ideal companionship, love and perhaps a marriage if the relation pulls off. The BBC earlier depicted in a documentary that almost 25% of the women in our neighborhood are happily married to younger men. In the United States, 30% (and the count keeps increasing) are open to dating the young. Of course, there are newcomers to cougar dating about 45% that have already been into such relationships do not plan to be going back to courting men of their age or older. There have been startling revelations that I’m going to share here. Older cubs that are primarily in their late 20s, 30s or even older are now interested in commitments for the long term especially if they’ve previously dated an older person.

The boy toys or “serial players” are now enjoying the benefits of seeking cougar woman. In certain states of America, men still virgin in the 30s exist and they are looking for the older woman to show them the ropes. The interesting thing that crops up is that once they are in a rounded relationship with a cougar woman, they are less inclined to suffer from immaturity, selfishness and lack of experience of a young girl their age or younger. This is when most of the boy toys will convert to becoming devotees of dating older women. I recently met such a young cub from Atlanta that told me that he wasn’t looking for love. All he wanted to do was to hunt as many cougars just to have fun. It was during that he found a wonderful woman in New York whom he dated through online websites and now he’s totally in love. He just went working up the age ladder to fall head over heels for this cougar lady which is great!

Since older women younger men is gaining prominence in the United States, more and more rich women are coming out to break the barrier. There is a surge in women from the Midwest and even the Southern countries that are joining these sites. In the UK and Canada, the thing is literally evident and it is hard pressed to find anyone that isn’t aware of the term “Cougar”. The concept is here to stay and women are simply embracing it to define their own identity. The dating idea is fast losing its derogatory connotation with men finding it more attracted to indulge into such relations. Women are getting comfortable looking at men 7 years their junior and saying “why not”. More young men we find falling for the cougar lady.

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