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The other name of older women younger men dating is cougar dating or cougar relationships. Cougar is specific term which used when older women wants relationship with younger men. These cougar probably mid between 40 to 50 years old or some time mid between 30 to 40 years old but whatever, wants dating with young guys especially young guys of 20 to 25 years old. This relationship called cougar relationship or cougar dating. Here are some special things which you should put in your mind for making cougar relationship.
Use of flowers
Like other women these cougar also likes flowers, whenever you are going to meet them or going on date with them than make it sure that you should have a fresh flowers for gifting her. It is make their feelings more special and romantic. It is my personal experience that cougar likes bouquet of fresh flower more as compare to loving SMS. And additional when you use a little loving paper with those flowers, it makes the moment more memorable. So in cougar dating or relationship or older women younger men dating you should consider it more.
Ignore to talk about marriage or children
Cougar relationship is never for whole life infects this relationship stands for less short period time.  It is a relationship which gives benefits to both the parties. And after some time both parties end the relationship. So this should be in your mind while holding this relationship that no need to talk about marriage or children. Just ignore this topic and try to get fun as much as you can. It is aloe useless to think about purchasing house together.
Remember that it does not mean that this relationship is nothing. Number of time it is seemed that older women younger men relationship goes to whole life relationship. But it is in some exceptional cases. If you felt that your partner is much sincere with you, you can think about this way.
Give them respect and importance
Remember that these women always like those guys who show respect every time to them. Give them respect and importance also. You should use their experience in different matters of life. No need to hesitate just share your problem with her and asked about solution. These cougars also like this behavior. I think in older women younger men dating it will also a great tip towards making this relationship more successful and reliable.
Do not be possessive or jealous
No need to be possessive about any of her matter. No need to ask her what she is doing and why. Also forget the element of jealously. Cougars are well settled women of society which have great relationship to others. So some time it is possible that she want to spend some time with some of her old friend or spend a night with him. No need to be jealous or asked her why. Get her free and shows your confidence and trust. I think this is also one good technique which you should adopt in older women younger men relationship.

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