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The time has gone when only old rich men are dating with young girls. Today it is also seemed that well established old women are also dating with young handsome guys. Though Society does not like this trend but still it is growing properly. The question is why these mature women felt the need of cougar relationship or cougar dating. I think here you should remember that the woman whose age is 40 to 50 or above 35 is called cougar women if believe on cougar relationship. Here are some solid reason older women younger men dating.

Does not seemed satisfy in personal life

Some time it is seemed that a person is very successful in professional life but it does not mean he would also be successful in his personal life. May be he does not have such sort of successful relationship in personal life which he want. So for fulfilling this gap they are searching young women.

Same situation can also be happened with woman. Might be she is successful in professional life but not in personal. So for fulfilling this satisfaction these women starts searching young handsome guys for dating or spending some of their free time with them. I think this is one of the biggest reasons of cougar dating or cougar relationship.

Want to be young again

This is also one reason of older women younger men dating that these women want to be or seems like young women again. These women are probably in the age of 40 to 50 years. So when they enjoying the company of young guy of 20 to 25 years old. She goes back in past and wish to be like that again.

We people can easily understand this fact that every women or young girl never tells her true age. Always try to make this secret. Always want to look younger than her actual age. So when these cougars enjoying younger men companies than they also give their cent percent to look younger than actual age. This is also one of the major facts of cougar dating.

Equal rights for both men and women,

It is so strange that when an older men dating with young girl. Society easily accepts that. But on the other when an older woman wants relationship with young guys. Society does not accept that why? So this trend of older women younger men relationship or cougar dating shows that both men and women have equal right in society and every single person is free to do what he or she want. Equal distribution of right and duties is also a reason of this relationship.

Divorce rate or single women

Now days in everywhere in the world divorce seemed increasing with every passing day. This increase in divorce rate is also offers cougar relationship. Probably it is found that in older age men did not satisfied women. So for meeting this satisfaction woman takes the help of cougar dating.

These are some facts which forces women to go towards cougar relationship. Whatever if you are interested in cougar dating you should move towards online cougar dating sites?

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Every young guy now days want relationship with old attractive women. It does not matter what people call them but the trend of older women younger men dating is on peak and with every passing day it is going to increase and increase. Cougar relationship or older women younger men relationships are so popular that couples of TV shows are running successfully in this regard. Even we can see that the stars of Hollywood are also seemed involved in dating cougar.
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Wrote by Adam Smith

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