There was a time when older men dating young girls. Though this trend is still growing properly but the new trend has also developed which is called cougar dating or older women younger men dating trend. Which is growing very fast with every passing day?
The question is why younger guys want older women. May be I think just because young guys like mature personalities as compare to unserious young girls. On the other this is also one question why older women want dating with younger men. The simple answer of this question is that women always likes handsome guys or you can also say old women wants young blood for their sexual satisfaction or may be some more. This trend of older women younger men dating going which way, no matter but it has some side effects or facts which can never be ignored.
Divorce rates are increasing
One of the biggest side effects of this trend is that it offering increase in divorce rate. As older men wants young girls, same now days cougars or older women also attracting towards younger guys. Mean to say if there are number of young girls there for old men than also remember that number of young guys there who want relationship with these cougars. This attraction results separation among number of old couples. This higher number of increase in divorce rate is not good for our society. I think this is the point about which our society should think once before going towards cougar’s relationship.
How society see this relationship
In older women younger men dating or relationship everything is open. There are no secrets. Every single person of society knows why both the parties join together. Simple is that these relationship does not likes though both the parties are sincere with each other and wants long life relationship. I think before going towards cougar relationship or dating I really consider you, you should think about this fact bit seriously. If you think that you can face the society than it will be possible for you otherwise you should not think about this relationship.
Maximum chances of failures of this relationship
The biggest disadvantage of this relationship is that there are bit smaller chances of a success in cougars dating. This is facts that young guys are handsome but problem is that these cougars are not on her peek stage of life. With every passing day their beauty are going to end. You can hold a guy for fewer time periods but I am sure when ever any attractive young girl will came his life, he will leave you. It is really thinking point before moving towards older women younger men dating or relationship. Mean to say the chances of reliability in this relationship are not much as compare to others. Remember that it is also seemed that old women also leave the relationship after attracting from another young handsome guy. Whatever results are? If you are happy to go with cougars dating than forget these facts and live your life happily as you want.

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